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Patient Testimonials

At the IBS Treatment Center, your health and well-being are our top priorities. We have had the privilege to serve many happy and satisfied patients. Read their testimonials and feedback below, showcasing our commitment to providing excellent care.

Leann G.

"The IBS treatment center with Zoom was great. I mean, it’s no different than actually being there. So I really enjoyed it."


“I can now say that I am once again living a normal life. It’s taken some getting used to. Sometimes I just can’t believe it. And you are the only people who really listened.”

Amanda M.

“I’ve been telling people that it was the best $ I’ve ever spent! I was so impressed with the whole operation!

J. Singh

Thoroughly recommend to anyone. I'm UK based and it wasn't a problem. Worth every penny!

Our Patients Talk About Our Doctor/Staff

Sanae G.

IBS Treatment Center was on my radar for the past few years but to be honest, the initial cost of testing scared me.  However, as I reflect on it, by the time I came to Dr. Wangen, I had already spent A LOT more money than what it costs to be his patient!!  Going cheap took longer to get better, and by that time I had done some semi-permanent damage to my gut.  Now I have to live with the condition I have put myself in, but at least Dr. Wangen has helped me with management of the problem so I don't have to live with the symptoms.  It is my first time to be able to eat and leave the house this freely … after many years.  My family and friends are very happy for me too!

One more thing I would like to emphasize about Dr. Wangen is he is a doctor with ears.  He is very respectful to his patients and his staff.  He really listens, tries to work with me, honours the reports and testing done at other places (if valid).  …  He is quick to respond to my small questions via messaging (patients only) and is really interested in my well-being instead of his own method, fame, or my money.  I will tell you after working with many doctors, most doctors are not sincere and humble like him in attitude with the level of knowledge and experience he has.  I was also thankful for the staff who are very professional and friendly.  It makes a difference for patients who are hurting and troubled.  5 stars are well deserved by Dr. Wangen and his staff.  Words can't express how grateful I am to God for placing IBS Treatment Center in my life and in my city!

Leanne W.

I have been suffering for many years with lBS.  On the advice of my dentist, I consulted the lBS Treatment Center.

They are very knowledgeable and have been helpful and pleasant–and accurate in their predictions of the timing of recovery for each condition.

The office staff have all been pleasant and helpful and kind. The atmosphere of all the people and the office itself make it a place I feel welcome and comfortable visiting.

Peter H.

My wife has been having some kind of food allergy stuff for a long time (resulting in fatigue, bad moods, and reallllllllly bad migraines). We've tried a lot of things - including a naturopath who did one of those arm-muscle tests (I'm not really sure I believe in those).

Anyway, we went to Dr Wangen and the IBS Treatment Center. Quoting my wife - "he listened really well and explained things really clearly. I felt well taken care of. He had suggestions, and listened to what I wanted as well."

They did a whole battery of food allergy tests based on blood work and based on antigens, and came back with a list of what would cause trouble in both the short term and long term. I felt a LOT more confident in the food allergy results he gave her than the ones from the other more woo-woo docs.

Daisy M.

The whole staff at the [IBS Treatment] Center is amazing! Dr. Paul Gannon is the best doctor I have had. He listens and guides everyone to healing. For the first time in a long time my gut problems are solved!


I just want to say thank you very much to [my doctor] and his office staff.  They are amazing people.  They always try to help you out.

[My doctor] was very patient and LISTENS to your needs and creates a plan to improve your health condition. He works hard to help you heal. He is very knowledgeable. He was able to help me out with my gastrointestinal condition.

I had previously seen so many doctors but not until I [went to the IBS Treatment Center] is when I became better. I just recommend them.

Tim V.

The IBS Treatment Center did what they said they would do. Great people concerned about your wellbeing.

Our Services Are Worth the Price — Hear It from Our Patients

K. S.

Let me start by saying that I am giving the IBS Treatment Center 5 stars because of the level and quality of service I have received…

If you want your life to change, and you can afford to go to the IBS Treatment Center, you should do it. I have been living with severe gut issues for 7 years, and after invasive procedures and lots of different prescription medications, the best my gastroenterologist could do for me was try to get me to take an anti-depressant to "depress the receptors in my gut". That was the final straw. I couldn't take a drug to mess with my mind and body's natural alarm systems just to get through the day - I had to find a way to FIX WHAT WAS BROKEN - and the IBS Treatment Center is doing that!

Kim B.

PLEASE everyone here who has not already contacted the IBS Treatment Center should do so immediately. All of your symptoms could be resolved, as mine were, by working with Dr. Wangen and his team.It really works and after 40 years of symptoms similar to all the commenters [here on Facebook] and worse, I have been living an almost normal life again … for 7 years now. I will also say that menopause amplified my problems.

If you’re a woman and over 50 you’re the most vulnerable. The basis of our problem is in our immune system and no gastroenterologist will ever be able to help you. [Whatever isn’t covered by insurance] is a small price to pay for your future health. Also, if you are overweight you will be surprised how much of it is probably INFLAMMATION. Once you are avoiding the offending foods you will lose weight naturally. … I hope this helps someone. ❤️ It is possible!

Valerie E.

I'm very pleased to be a patient at the IBS Treatment Center and Dr. Wangen as my doctor. I've been a patient for over 2 1/2 years and it's made a world of difference for me. My condition with Celiac causes arthritis and the treatment here was a very thoughtful plan where you work together with the practitioner who is a part of your health toolkit to wellness. Yes, the test costs may be higher than what you expect elsewhere, but you need to weigh out the health benefits you gain. I've had additional tests to learn what other foods I have sensitivities to, but the great news is, I'm gradually adding some of these foods back, with my doctor's consent, and I listen to my body. Thanks to the IBS Treatment Center, I can lead a life without pain, learned the triggers and oh and I should mention I've easily kept off 36 pounds after learning which foods would not be good for me. I followed the plan my doctor and I created together and rarely have a day with arthritis.


What can I say?  Dr. Wangen has changed my life.  I've been a patient since 2007.  He has provided me with viable and livable solutions for my health and digestive issues.  Go see him if you need not hesitate.  Yes it might be expensive (if your insurance does not cover it), but luckily for me, Group Health reimburses almost all of the cost.  Besides, you can't put a price on health and well being.  Get off the toilet and go see Dr. Wangen!

Amanda M.

The only thing holding me back for a few months was the cost. I had already spent so much money on health care trying to figure out my problem (on a tight budget nonetheless), so I was wary of spending more money on yet another treatment that may not work.

But I decided to take the chance, and I am so glad I did. I’ve been telling people that it was the best $ I’ve ever spent! I was so impressed with the whole operation.

They spent a long time with me discussing my symptoms, and a long time discussing [my treatment].

Within a month or 2 … the nausea, diarrhea, bloating, cramping, and anxiety were pretty much gone.

I even stopped getting canker sores, which I didn’t even know was related. Overall, I feel so much better. I am finally feeling like me again, it’s wonderful.

April G.

I was a little hesitant to make an appointment with the IBS Treatment Center ... If I was going to spend a good amount of money, I wanted to be reassured through others' personal experiences and opinions first (reviews and ratings). I'm disappointed that a few bad reviews brought their rating down to a 4 out of 5--especially since one of those reviews was based solely on price. Although the testing is pricey, you get what you pay for. … and the prices would be similar anywhere else for the quality and comprehension of the testing. I understand that the price is steep, but it is no reason to cause other possible patients to stray away from this Center.

As for [another] review, … The doctor did his job … but whether or not he/she [the patient] wants to put the work in and apply it to everyday life for a rewarding end result is completely up to the patient.  It is not fair to leave a review without first implementing the treatment. It isn't my intention to offend the reviewers. I only aim to give a different perspective for other IBS sufferers...

The appointment itself was reassuring because I could easily tell that [they] had dealt with many patients who suffered from the same symptoms, although their past history may have not been identical. I was able to connect with [them] more effortlessly than any doctor I'd ever seen (and I'd seen countless). [They] made sure to pay special attention to the topics that were going to benefit my case the most.

I would highly recommend this Center to anyone who feels like they'll never find an answer to their IBS and the glorious abundance of symptoms that accompany it.




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