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IBS Treatment – How We Can Help

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What is the proper treatment for your IBS?

While IBS sufferers may report a variety of symptoms (one or more of abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, gas, or bloating), the root cause of those IBS symptoms can and does vary greatly (as discussed by Dr. Rajilic-Stojanavik in the American Journal of Gastroenterology).

Although you may think that's what your other doctors were doing, they were primarily ruling out other conditions. Once they did that, you were left with IBS. They did nothing to identify the cause of your IBS!

We are IBS experts, and will work until we understand the cause of your IBS. You can't successfully treat IBS until you've properly identified the cause.

So we approach each patient individually. We don’t just say that, we actually do that.

There is no single treatment for people with IBS. There are literally hundreds of different ways to treat IBS, and there always will be. In order to help you, we have to figure out which one or combination of treatments is appropriate for you.

This approach goes far beyond what your primary care doctor and gastroenterologist can do for IBS. At best they will present you with a one size fits all approach.

A Different Approach to IBS Treatment That Works

Most IBS websites and even most doctors (including gastroenterologists), will tell you that there is no cure for IBS, and they apply one treatment to all cases of IBS, if they do anything at all. And when that doesn’t work, then .... (you know the saying).

We are specialists in treating IBS. We know that there is a cure, because we've seen it thousands of times. You can read about patient success stories here.

How Our Technique is Different

Knowing that IBS is curable is very important. If your provider doesn’t think that it can be cured, then it follows that they won’t be able to help people overcome IBS. We know that it can be cured because we have a long history of helping people do exactly that.

Second, we recognize that there are many treatments that might cure your IBS, and the key is identifying which one is the solution that will work for you. Our company’s founder, Dr. Stephen Wangen, has been cured of IBS for over 25 years. He developed a unique process for doing this, and assembled a team of IBS doctors dedicated to curing IBS. Our proven system has been perfected on thousands of patient since we opened in 2005.

See our process for treating and curing IBS in our patients

The Average Time to Find the Cause of IBS in Our Patients: 30 Days

We have CURED IBS in 1000’s of patients. We can help you too.
Our services are also available via telemedicine/videoconference. If you live too far away or can’t even leave home, don’t let that stop you.

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Before your appointment

It all starts with our highly-detailed IBS Patient Questionnaire. We collect information about you and your concerns using our special questionnaire that is provided to you when you schedule your first consult.

This allows you to fill out the form before your session, taking your time to document as many details as possible about your situation. The questions are extensive, but be rest assured our doctors read every word you write. The outcome is an accurate and complete Patient Profile that helps us best help you.

What to Expect – Initial Appointment

Your consultations may be very different than what you’ve experienced at other clinics, meaning that they are longer and that we will not only be listening to everything you say, but have more questions.  Also, we do not double book or leave you sitting around for hours, and you don’t see a nurse or medical assistant, only the doctor.

You will also have ample time to ask the doctor questions and share your concerns, and you can expect us to truly listen and to give you real answers.

If you have a particularly complex case or for whatever reason would like an extra long appointment, just let us know!

Our doctors will want to know everything you can tell us about your symptoms, including:

We will ask you questions, such as:

IBS Testing Information

As with all specialists, we usually need to collect more data before we can make meaningful treatment recommendations. This phase will be determined after learning more about what testing you’ve already had done.We use many different labs, and our founder personally visits and tests the labs and selects only the very best one for each type of testing done.

All Services can be Offered Via Telemedicine/Videoconference

As with many medical services in the modern age, you can eliminate travel time and travel costs if you prefer to do these appointments via phone or video. If testing is required, we can also accomplish this from a distance. Please click here for information on our telemedicine program.

What to Expect – Follow Up

By your second consult (usually about one month after the first) we typically have enough pieces to the puzzle to gain a far greater understanding about the cause of your IBS, which means we have a much better idea about how to treat it.

This appointment is critical for reviewing any new lab work, ensuring you have a complete understanding of the results, giving you a chance to ask questions, and for the doctor to create a customized treatment plan just for you.

The next part of the process is making sure that the treatment is working. Every time you have a follow-up consult, our first line of questioning will focus on what has changed, if anything, since your last consult.

If the treatment is working, we need to know how well and create a plan so that you will continue to improve and heal until you no longer have IBS.

If it’s not working, we need to figure out why not. Both parties have to be honest about the process in order for it to work. We do not believe in a one-shot attempt, crossing our fingers, and then saying goodbye no matter your outcome.

We don’t want you to pretend to feel better if you don’t, and we won’t pretend our treatment worked when it didn’t. We are dedicated to the process of finding the cause of your symptoms and we won’t be satisfied until you are healthy and happy.

As part of this process, we have a team of people here to help you get better. That includes the people who answer the phones and schedule your appointments as well as the doctors. Everyone believes in our process, because they’ve seen it work, and they are working to help you get better.

We also have a specially trained Registered Dietitian who focuses on IBS, and who understands the needs of our patients and is our resident foodie. She can help anyone have a fun diet!

Thousands of IBS Patients – Remarkable Results

Our highly skilled doctors have helped more than 10,000 patients and have a remarkably high success rate of greater than 80%. You can read some of our patient success stories here.

Simply put, what we do works – and it works well – and it works for most patients with IBS. Our treatments work so well because our practice is focused solely on IBS. We were founded more than a decade ago and were honored as one of Seattle’s Top Doctors in 2015.

Dr Wangen has been free of his IBS for 20 years and that’s his goal for every patient that comes into the IBS Treatment Center.

We are the Home of the IBS Specialists and are ready to help you. Contact us now to schedule an appointment.


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