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Is Age the Cause of Your Digestive Problems?

Dr Stephen Wangen
May 7, 2024

Do you feel like you have IBS or other digestive problems because you are old? Do you feel like it’s inevitable? Well, it’s not, but I have heard that from a lot of patients over the years and I’d like to share some of those stories with you and how they got better.

I’ve been practicing medicine for 25 years and I’ve seen a lot of patients in that time, and one thing that is clear to me now is that your age is not the factor that will prevent you from getting better from digestive problems.

I’ve seen a ton of patients, and many of them have been over 70 years old, and some even over 90. And what I love about seeing people at that age is that it’s obvious that they haven’t given up on their health, because they are taking the time and effort to seek out my kind of expertise.

And the great news is that being older didn’t change anything about how I approached their condition or my optimism for them to get better. Because what I’ve found is that when it comes to digestive problems, you are just as capable of getting better when you are older as you are when you are younger. Age is not the issue, it’s simply getting the right kind of expertise to help guide you, and in this case it’s working with an IBS expert.

I even remember seeing a gal who was 30 years old. I was shocked when she confided in me that she thought that maybe her digestive problems were simply due to getting older, and she wondered if there was any hope. She was only 30! I didn’t figure out my own digestive problems until I was almost 30, so I know from personal experience that it’s not caused by age.

But it can certainly feel like age, because if you aren’t getting any answers, you certainly aren’t getting any younger. And IBS can and generally does go on for a long, long time once it gets started. It usually doesn’t just go away on it’s own.

Even the 92 year old patient that we saw who told me that she wanted to get back to the casino (I kid you not) was able to get her life back and do just that. So I hope that you won’t give up on solving your IBS. It’s doable, and I see that every day. But it’s not simple, and your general practice doctor and your gastroenterologist don’t have the expertise that you need to help you solve IBS, which is why you haven’t been able to figure it out yet.

They are great, but you need an IBS expert, and that is the specialty that I founded two decades ago, and that we continue to provide today.

So if you or someone you know needs help solving their IBS, call us today at the IBS Treatment Center at the number below. Regardless of your age, we’d love to help you.


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